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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sophie verses Hostess!!!

So I didn't want Sophie to actually eat chocolate before her 1st birthday. BUT hubby found this hidden at the grocery store, and bought it. I knew it wouldn't last until her birthday and with hostess going out of business I figured I'd let her try it.(Expiration wise, yes it'd last but hubby-Wise it wouldn't lol)
Hostess Ho-HOs... RIP


Hmmm, what IS this??

Tastes.... weird


Ooh that's a new texture and flavor...

Yes, Mommy I like it

This is a WIN

(She only ate what was in her mouth ^^^ up there, I took the rest from her hands)

Sophie verses Thanksgiving Dinner

Sophie barely had her eyes open from her nap when she was plopped into her highchair :)

What's this?? Bread! I love this stuff!

I gave her a bit of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans but she was in love with the roll.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Without photos..

Sophie has now sampled pizza crust, croissants, pumpkin puree and cheddar broccoli soup. All of these things she has happily eaten and even gotten upset when they were all gone. I think she is more interested in more solids than purees.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sophie verse Blueberry Puffs

Sophie's big brother wanted to help her try her new snack

Here ya go, Sophie

This is her chewing face!! <3

OOhhh Mommy these are great!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sophie verses Green Beans

And the Puree Strike?
Still ON:
Whats this?

ugh, its another jarred disaster

ok, one more bite...

ick, flavor didn't change!!

Why must you hold such tasteless wonders, dear spoon?

Tried for nearly 10minutes but this was all she ended up eating.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sophie verses Mum Mums

Since Miss Sophie is still on her purees strike, I got her some Mum Mums. She is very interested in my food, and this is way better than my stuff, lol. 
Hmm, what is this box?

Must open and investigate,,,,,

Oh dear, Mommy, what did you get now?

Well Hello! You are a lot bigger that what Mommy normally lets me eat by myself!

nom nom nom

These teeth things are made for this!

Hmmm still that weird banana flavor huh?

nom nom

I approve Mommy!

You did good with these!

must bang onto tray to be sure...

How does it taste "Recorder" style?

or "corn on the cob" style?

Any method is yummy!

7minutes later...

it was all gone... bummer

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sophie verses Puffs (banana)

OK, so Sophie is kinda on a food strike. Nothing has been appealing to her. Carrots, sweet potatoes, etc have all been offered and after a bite or two she is over it. While out and about today celebrating her big brother turning 3, she got a treat. I gave her some Puffs. Not only would it be a new texture to try, but also a way to work on her pincer grasp. Sophie-again- was NOT impressed.
Hey, what is this thing?

Hehehehe I got it!

Uhhh no thanks
(ate one quickly but brother distracted me so no pic)

after pushing them away she reached for her links

Sophie verses a Soft Pretzel

So since Sophie is seriously interested in everything I eat, and has been turning her little button nose up at everything I offer her (baby-food wise) I figured I would let her try my pretzel while out with my birthday boy. (to see his post click here) The following occurred:
Hey Mommy, whatcha got?

Ooooh what is this?!

Nom nom nom
(protective big brother freaks out, runs over to see if she's ok, haha. "she can't eat that Mommy!!")

Oh yeah this is nice....

Hey!  give it back!! that thing rocked!!

Conclusion. My food just tastes better than baby food :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sophie verses Gerber Bananas

So, I only have Miss Sophie review things she tries for the 1st time. We have done fresh bananas several times now. Tonight, however, we opted to try Gerber. About 1/4 way into the jar, it was obvious, Sophie needed to let her readers know how these new bananas tasted.
"oh-my-gosh!! what is this?"

"ooohhhhh tart, mommy"

"it's NOT bananas!! oh for crying out loud!"

"why do you keep shoving this in??"

"what are doing?! take it away!!"

-shudder- "tart aftertaste mommy, please no more"

"maybe pursing the lips will stop that returning spoon"

She consumed about 1/2 the container and refused to eat anymore.