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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sophie vs Sweet Potatoes

Well, cereal was a huge flop. She didn't want any part of it, so instead of letting her taste it for the next 3 days, I just skipped a few days of solids. Next up, we'll try sweet potatoes... wish her luck!
Weird container Mommy? What have you got me into now? And a bib?! This must be serious..

Very thin.. watery almost... hmmmm (Gerber stage 1 is apparently a lot thinner than I have been giving her)

Let me think about this...

YES, Mommy YES!! This is a winner

Sweet Potatoes=HIT
She loved this. See the container up there in the 1st pic? She ate about 3/4 of it before she lost interest.

Sophie vs Wheat Cereal

4T Milk
2T Cereal

Uhhhh huh?

Oh Mommy, I don't know about this..

Please just take it away!

Oh and uh Mom, never again ok? Can we go back to bananas?

Wheat Cereal=FAIL,.
*She began to cry after the last pic, so she took maybe 3 bites

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sophie verses Bananas

Today Miss Sophie tried Bananas! Here is the review:

"It too hard, Mommy"

Amount I cut off for her

"Shove  it in there!"

"Huh?? It's taste weird"

"Try some more, things taste better the second time"

"oh yeah, this stuff rocks!"

"gimme that spoon,. I need more"


"look mommy I ate it all!"
"Mommy! I showed you it was empty! Rectify this situation!!"



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sophie verses Avocado

This post can also be found HERE  on my original "mommy blog".

At 4months, 1week, 1day Miss Sophie had her 1st solid. I decided I would do avocados. Neither of my other 2 monsters had tried this, so I was a bit nervous as to how it would pan out. They were both standard cereal eaters as their first food.
Sophie's ped appointment isn't until Aug22nd, and I "knew" she was ready, so I went for it sans "approval". OH the horror!! Haha. Sophie has hit all the typical "milestones" so I knew it was ok.
So, without further ado, here is how she handled her 1st food.

Big brother giving some encouragement

"Hmm, this look pretty cool"

"hey mommy, hurry up and smash that thing!"

"still thick and chunky for a first food, but I'll give it a go"

"eh, it'll do"

"ok, I'll try it again"

"OH SNAP! That is great!! More please!!"

Note the red spoon. She ate about an entire spoonful and then followed it up with 4oz of formula. All in all, I'd say

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! This blog is going to be from the perspective of my littlest monster: Sophia. She is 4months old and I'd thought it'd be a fun way for everyone to enjoy her food reviews.