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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sophie turned 6months old today! I am shocked at how fast that went. As a special treat Sophie got to review a cupcake and Apple/Banana juice from Gerber.
I got her a lil toy for her gift and her 1st cuppy. In the cup is 2oz of juice. The cupcake is yellow w/whipped frosting. (I-of course-removed the sugar flowers)

Getting ready.....

"Ohhh mommy! What is THAT?!"

"uhhhh it's all squishy"

"let me lick it"

"Mmmm not bad"

"ok, ok this stuff is good. Yes, I could see-"

"Oh No!! Mommy it's on my hand!"

"I will destroy crazy squishy yummy!"

"I think it learned it's lesson"

"Oh my goodness!! I hurt my squishy yummy!! Mommy!!"

"whew, good thing my dress caught it!"

"that rocked Mommy but next time, tell it NOT to get on me!"
"ok,I'll take a lil sip but I mainly like chewing on it. Ok? Deal?"

I let her have it throughout our shopping trip, but she never consumed it. Just chewed the spout.

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