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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sophie verses Gerber Bananas

So, I only have Miss Sophie review things she tries for the 1st time. We have done fresh bananas several times now. Tonight, however, we opted to try Gerber. About 1/4 way into the jar, it was obvious, Sophie needed to let her readers know how these new bananas tasted.
"oh-my-gosh!! what is this?"

"ooohhhhh tart, mommy"

"it's NOT bananas!! oh for crying out loud!"

"why do you keep shoving this in??"

"what are doing?! take it away!!"

-shudder- "tart aftertaste mommy, please no more"

"maybe pursing the lips will stop that returning spoon"

She consumed about 1/2 the container and refused to eat anymore.

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